Sunday, January 23, 2011


In my last post I promised the LAND of ENCHANTMENT, but much to my SURPRISE, we are going to take a detour on our way back to State # 31; so I can tell you about the birthday party my husband threw for me!

A surprise dinner party at Bistro VG..."Oh, What A Night!"

Four long tables each set for 10...beautiful!
And forty fabulous and friends!

A special menu...good wine...and carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream!

Nordstrom Reunion!

Sara & Chris came from Canton!

Noelle & Chad came from Cumming!

And of course, there was the "LIZ QUIZ"....

Congratulations to the guests who know me best...

  • Shelley - best daughter-in-law
  • Leah - my "silver sister"
  • Claci & Jeff - great neighbors

I hope you are enjoying your Broadway prizes!

Neighbor Ladies!

Cheryl & Larry came from Woodstock!

Leah & Greg came from Marietta!

Short Ribs, Crab Cakes and Strip Steak...Oh MY!

Barbara & Steve came from Smyrna!

Grandson & Troy came from Cartersville!
(Rachel, too!)

And the man of the hour and your host for the husband, Guy 

I love you...always!

And special thanks to Rachel and Shelley for these terrific photos! 

And in case you missed the announcement, Leap Day 2012...The Olympics are coming back to Atlanta!  Start training for your event now.

Next post...Land of Enchantment (I promise) 

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  1. Hi from Kate of Denver! I'd travel the ends of the earth to celebrate with you! (and this January, kinda feel like I did!!) Great photos! So happy to share your celebration with Leah and Julia (& Ralph) too! Such a fun night! Lisa loved your beautiful flowers - thank you for sharing them with me! Leah, Julia and I said we felt like your bridesmaids walking out of the restaurant! XOXOXO from The Mile High City!