Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Just like a book, the author of this blog would like to take a few moments to acknowledge some wonderful people...

First, the best travel buddy and partner in life...EVER!  My husband Guy (doesn't he look great in his "Indiana Jones" hat?)  He is so lovely to travel with on a daily basis and even more so when we journey far from home.  The best part of any of the states we visit is disconnecting from our "same ole, same ole" and discovering new territory with my husband. 

Guy makes me laugh and always has a handkerchief when I cry.  He enjoys fine dining and "hole-in-the-wall" joints.  Guy lets me reserve the best room  in the inn and drives the rental car wherever Map Quest points us.  He loves to visit museums and baseball parks.  Guy even lets me buy one more poster when he really believes "we have run out of wall space!"  And he loves to ride trains...(coming soon in the New Mexico post.) 

Guy is...Simply the Best!

Next, my good friend and best blog tutor...EVER!  Sara, (pictured here with her beautiful family), is my great friend, indeed I think of her as family.  And if you are enjoying this blog she's the one to thank...she taught me all I know about blogging.  Sara has generously shared her family, home, insights and skills with me for the past 6 years and I treasure every one of those moments.  Especially those with Ri and K!

Sara is...Better than all the rest! 

And now related to our recent trip to State # 32, our sincere thanks to...

  • Scott Law - he risked his life on icy streets to give me the best hair style...EVER!
  • Anita & Stephen - they took care of our home and are the best next door neighbors...EVER!
  • Chickie & Tom - true New Yorkers and gave the best travel advice...EVER!
  • Claci & Jeff - neighbors, Equity actors and gave the best advice on Broadway musicals...EVER!
  • Haley Gordon - the MK package waiting in our room and the best limo service...EVER!
And now from my snowbound home that is quickly thawing out; I send you thanks for your kindness.  It will be long remembered.  You all are..."Simply the best!" 

In addition, photos displayed on this blog, not taken with our camera, were provided by:

January 10, 2011

Every 45 years there is a snow event on my birthday.  My 10th birthday party was cancelled on account of snow, in Baton Rouge!  And now this.  I can safely say that it will NOT snow on this date until I am 100 years old...hope you all enjoy it!

Next time...Land of Enchantment

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